#1 is a website kinda like catholic answers but more orientated towards young adults and teens it has all the greatest catholic rappers music and a very good phorum for asking question,learning and just having fun with some healthy conversation…check it out you will not be dissapointed!:thumbsup:


anybody interested in joining the phorum at phatmass or anybody a member?


In all honesty Benny, you’d better represent Phatmass with proper punctuation & capitalization. You could also highlight recent threads, link to blog stories, or talk about the clothing. Right now your blurb looks more an ad for “pharm1sutkals” than an honest attempt to get teens to come to a message board.


No, he wouldn’t better represent it. That is the whole point of “phatmass”…it uses slang. If you would look at it, you would see “phorum” “phamily” and “phatican city”. Its part of the schtick.


Yes, Phatmassers us plenty of slang. Although, I’d debate that many of the words you listed above are more inside jokes than anything else. But most of them also write posts that are not only readable to people over 17, but intelligent and well thought out.


Yes:) Many of them are Catechist’s, theologians in training, discerning religous life as young adults, some of them are even nuns, monks and Priest’s! Its off the hook in a Catholic way;)


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