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I put my son to bed every night and we say our prayers. He is 22 months old and has Down syndrome. He can not speak yet so we have taught him baby sign language. A few weeks ago he was pointing up in the room and signing to me “Mom” and “Crying”. Every now and then he does point into the corner of the room and sign “hi” when there is nothing (visibly) there.

Last night we were in my bed playing. My wife was there too. I have a 12" tall Virgin Mary statue on my night stand that he suddenly noticed after not seeing it before in the past. He started really pointing at it and signing “crying” + “mom”. Both my wife and I were shocked. I brought the statue closer to him and he started to act sort of strange…he really froze and looked intensely at her face. I have never seen him really concentrate like that before. Maybe he has seen the Virgin Mary in his room! Maybe he sees things that we can not!?

It was a phenomenal experience and just had to share it…


When I have to opportunity to meet a Down's syndrome person,I am always impressed that they have such pure and loving souls.

You son is such a precious gift. I wouldn't be suprised at all if he sees Our Lady.


Your post gave me chills. It is totally possible.


Yeah i must say that is impressive. I do think that he has more than likely seen her!

I myself have also seen and heard some things that were paranormal and that cannot be explained. It has happened to numerous people and i think it will continue to happen.

As to her crying, why would she appear to your son crying? You’d think she’d be happy. I know shes not happy with the way things are in this world, but why would she cry to your son?


There have been seers who have been shown terrible things by Our Lady. It was not Our Lady who was crying; indeed, some have said that if she had not been there with her tremendous peace and serenity to calm them, they could not have endured what they saw. In this case, it is impossible to tell if he has seen anything, and if so, what he has seen or what interpretation he has put on it. Even without Down’s Syndrome, he’s just too young.

Although the child cannot articulate what it is that is happening with him, I don’t think it is a good idea to jump to any conclusions. It isn’t a good idea to read to much into it, or to lead him by the sort of questions he is being asked. Rather, I think it best to keep things more general: to make certain that he is not afraid or in pain himself, to be calming if he is, to encourage whatever devotion he has to Our Lady, to include him when praying to her for the sake of people who are crying, hurt or afraid. These are good things to do, without regard to whether he is having visions or whether there is a more mundane explanation for his behaviors. It is better not to lay any expectations on the child, even unintentionally. If Our Lady wants this private issue to be made less private, she knows how to do that. All things in their good time.


My earliest knowledge of God the Father intuitively came to me as a toddler out on nature walks with my older sisters. :p God the Father was as real to me as each breath I took.

I believe God allows children visions and He gives them dreams of the communion of saints. Either that, or a child's innocence is able to lift the veil and see God.

Matthew 19:14

But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these."

Mark 10:15

"Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all."

I've never been blessed with a dream of the Virgin Mary.

So happy for your family & for your son :grouphug:


Blue Shadow said "why would Mary appear to your son crying? Maybe HE was crying and Mary “appeared to him to comfort him.” I believe she appeared to him for a reason and I believe God has something in store for him,or maybe…he has already "done it"with your post. It just made us all sit up and “:take notice”.


A little more context to when we were playing on the bed. My son and I were wrestling and playing…he was laughing and smiling. He is always so happy and joyful. That is why this experience is so phenomenal. He just started pointing at Mary, like it was a toy he wanted to play with. So, I pointed at it to confirm that’s what he wanted…my finger was literally an inch from the statue. That’s when he concentrated on her and signed “crying” + “mom”. I brought the statue closer and he looked at her face in the most unique way. It was like he was having emotions on his face that I could not interpret…like awe and sadness at the same time. I held the statue in front of him for a minute or so and put it back. He was becoming startled by it.


Praise Jesus. :slight_smile:


Just beautiful. :slight_smile:


Regarding the comment about why she may be crying...this just came to me. The Mary statue has a small baby rosary hung around her neck. The baby rosary is symbolic with a prayer to end abortion. Lots of children are aborted in this world because they have Down syndrome. Perhaps that has something to do with the crying to my son!


Children, I believe, area the most open to the reality of Christ. Should they see something of the "paranormal", I don't think it occurs to them to disbelieve. It's when we force the correctness of "normal" (grass is green, not pink, trees should be taller than the house etc..) I think they lose their ability to accept anything they see until they just don't see it.

I've had "weird" experiences my entire life. I just assume they will continue. And they seem to. I know people that don't believe this is even possible. For them, I don't think it is.

It seems, if it's possible, that a child with Downs would be open to this perhaps for their life. Few would even bother to shut them down.

That said. I do think it's important not to make it bigger than it might be. It's clear you are a religious, loving family. That's something I would focus on. Always present him with God, Mary, Angelsand Saints.. So that should he be gifted with the ability to see more than most, he's always protected.

Those are my personal thoughts... I don't know the route the church directs should a person start showing signs of interaction... and if he keeps seeming to have this kind of "vision". I would find out who I should talk to in authority to make sure he stays protected. No idea how to go about that...

Otherwise, it's amazing to see a child have a moment. Many blessings to you and yours... Thank you for showing others that a Downs child can be just as loved, and just as much of a blessing as any other!


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