Phil Lynott's mum angry at US Republicans' use of song

A small piece of news regarding one of the US presidential candidates choice of music:-

I obviously don’t agree with Philomena Lynott’s political views in every respect but I think it would probably be courteous to cease using the song in this instance.


May I ask why you think a mother’s concern over the use of her son’s music by poltiical groups (which incidentally have nothing to do with his own country) is silly?

Artists put their heart and soul into creating their music. When a politician whose positions they disagree with uses their music, it gives a quasi-impression that the artisit is somehow associated with or agrees with the positions espoused by the candidate. Oftentimes nothing could be further from the truth, and I fully understand why an artist would object to this.

Well in this case it’s Phil’s mum as Phil has been dead for well over two decades now sadly. Which is a great shame. Sadly his band mate Gary Moore died not too long ago also. Phil Lynott most definitely would be highly unlikely to want his music associated with US presidential races. The use of ‘The Boys are Back in Town’, seems curiously triumphalist as a choice as well.

With all due respect to his mum, I’m guessing the song isn’t hers (i.e. she doesn’t own the rights). As long as it is being used legally, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s basically bumper music for them taking stage…nothing to do with policies they support that may upset an artist’s mother.

Agreed they didn’t set out to use it in that manner, but I would quit using it in Romney’s place if made aware of the way the mother of the deceased musician feels.

I might. I don’t know. It is not a big deal, but I suppose she doesn’t want whomever owns the rights to the song to make any money because a campaign has brought its popularity up a bit. :shrug:

I like artists like the Pretenders, who probably don’t care for Rush Limbaugh much, but don’t fuss about the use of their son 3x a day to start his show. The point of writing songs is for people to play and enjoy them.

It’s silly only in that she is worrying over something that she has absolutely no control over, assuming the song was used within the boundaries of copyright law. (and it appears that is the case.) Mommies don’t always understand what most musicians understand, that once the music leaves your head, it’s out there in the world and it belongs to everyone. (to a certain degree.)

This is the risk every artist assumes when they put there work out for the public.

People that they do not necessarily agree with may like the work and want to use it elsewhere.

The mother needs to learn to look past it all and consider that it is a high compliment.
It means that the art produced by her son was able to cross ideological differences.

If she’s like my mother, she probably hated it when he was playing it. :smiley:

Probably not as she was something of a bohemian in her day and is well aware of the rock scene in Ireland today, although she considers many modern bands as dull and that they don’t rock enough. I quite like this picture of her and her son which turned up when I searched for the original article myself:-

Yeah, I don’t think our moms would have had much in common.

For Rightists to play music that expresses their ideas they pretty much have to stick to country music.

It’s the only genre which I can think of that has plenty of choice lauding typical GOP sentiments.

I actually have some respect for the woman and Phil’s grandmother who partly raised him as having a kid in the Ireland of that era who was mixed-race would have been very akward. Now people wouldn’t really care much about it in most places in Ireland as there are many people of many nationalities in the country (although you still would find some places you’d get odd remarks) but in 1953 when Phil went there to live (he was born in the UK) with his granny he would have been a rather unique individual. I remember once an argument here on CAF where someone bizarrely claimed that Lynott due to having a father from Guyana could not be seen as ‘properly’ Irish.

I don’t agree with Philomena Lynott’s politics on some aspects, although where she has made statements about the greed of Irish politicians and been scathing about our brown envelope culture of politics I have found myself in agreement with her more than once.

Of course outlaw country is out the window then.

My mom liked most of the music I listened to. It took the Violent Femmes and X to put her over the edge. :blush:

I heard Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine which is pretty hilarious.

I suppose it was good music for him to work out to- just never listened to the lyrics.

Well, there’s lots of classic rock that does too. :slight_smile:

This reminds me of the time that Reagan praised Bruce Springsteen’s song “Born in the USA” as an example of the rise in patriotism.


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