Philadelphia Archdiocese sues Obamacare’s ‘mandate’

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and its Catholic Charities affiliates sued three agencies of the U.S. federal government Monday, June 2, seeking relief from the so-called “HHS mandate.”

The regulations of the health care reform law require all organizations that provide employees with health care coverage to also include contraception, sterilization procedures and potentially abortion-causing drugs, all of which violate Catholic Church teaching on the sanctity of human life.

The suit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor and Department of the Treasury – all of which have issued similar regulations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 – was filed by the law firm Conrad O’Brien on behalf of the archdiocese in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.

May God Bless Archbishop Chaput.

I wish he’d use the funds to keep open the dozen or so parishes he just slated for closure.

Yes!! God bless him!

It is unfortunate what is happening, but it seems unavoidable. Archbishop Chaput can do nothing about the shifting demographics in the Philadelphia area. Plus, the “closed” parishes will remain open as worship sites.

Both churches are closing in Bridgeport. It will tear the heart out of that community. Furthermore, Mount Carmel has no debts, lots of parishioners and a million in the bank. So why is it inevitable?

I don’t know the specifics. What I am sure of is that Archbishop Chaput always has the best interest of the faithful of Philadelphia in mind. I trust his judgment. I understand that the archdiocese is facing innumerable financial woes. I’m sure there are good reasons, as painful as it may be, for the closure of these parishes.

Agreed. Some of the churches that are being closed are in very poor areas, where the people don’t have much more than their faith. Very sad.

Maybe the Archbishop should start by preaching about the evils of contraception. Is he worried about having to close parishes because people don’t want to hear that message and will leave the church? If church leadership wasn’t so deafeningly silent on contraception over the last 50 years, maybe there would be people in these pews. It wouldn’t be a short term solution, but it might be a good start to a long term solution, any perhaps a very long term solution (people might stand a better chance of salvation).

Does anyone else besides me think Chaput “talks the talk”, but doesn’t “walk the walk”?

The Archdiocese and Catholic Charities must feel they can not continue with the mandate. If they had not put in this predicament, they would not have to sue.

Great point. :thumbsup:

The message that contraception is intrinsically evil applies to everyone…Catholic; Protestant; Jew; Muslim; atheist; everyone. That is why I believe opposing the Obamacare contraception mandate on religious liberty grounds is a mistake. IMO, our Bishops are trying too hard to be good Americans and not hard enough to be good shepherds. What they seem to be saying is that contraception is OK for everyone but Catholics. That is not very robust and certainly not following the example of the Gospels, where conversion was the theme.

[quote=mkarzon] Is he worried about having to close parishes because people don’t want to hear that message and will leave the church?

I believe that has been a concern for decades now.

[quote=mkarzon]Does anyone else besides me think Chaput “talks the talk”, but doesn’t “walk the walk”?

I could not agree more.:thumbsup:

Yet he is by no means alone.

I take it you aren’t very familiar with Archbishop Chaput? I find it hard to believe you follow him around and listen to all his homilies, press releases, diocese paper submissions, etc.

Seems pretty clear that the good Archbishop “walks the walk.”

I especially love the last one, where a lapsed Catholic, who does not attend Mass, understands that Chaput teaches that contraception is evil.

Thank you for posting this. There are many people that we could legitmately point fingers at in the Church for “not walking the walk”. Archbishop Chaput is NOT one of them.

For all we know the legal work is being done pro bono by a good Catholic lawyer.

That’s my Archbishop! :thumbsup:

Even if he’s paying for the legal services, legal fees would be cheaper than the fines from the government. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia still has lots of staff and other affiliates Catholic organizations.

God Bless my Archbishop!

We miss him in Colorado. I think one his finest moments was leading the Rosary outside the Democrat National Convention in 2008

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