Philanthropic Support of Ideological Magazines Favour Left-Wing Ones



Practically. Nothing can be done about it. People can give to who/what ever they want to.


People read magazines still?


I guess liberals read and conservatives listen to talk radio.


Print media is dying anyway.

Conservatives are ahead of the curve, I guess?


In best Gilbert Gottfried “Iago” voice"

“Why am I not surprised???”


Liberals think reading magazines makes them smarter.

Is it any different though than other MSM?
Conservatives are outnumbered on television with CBS, NBC, PBS and cable with CNN and MSNBC.

Most newspapers are liberal biased.

The liberals are practically ruling our universities also.

It is amazing that we even are allowed to have a conservative voice.

And since one of the favorite tactics of the liberals is bullying, that is why the resistance has been so vocal in the magazines, newspapers, universities, television and cable.


For heaven’s sake—conservatives hold the presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the majority of governorships. How can anyone complain that conservatives don’t have a voice?


A voice in government isn’t the same as one in the media. The former is operational and the latter is a marketplace for ideas.
‘Conservatives’ do have a voice in the media but it’s completely drowned out, which is the point.


When those in power are quoting “news” from only conservative, and often false, sources, other voices are the ones being drowned out. In our current climate, it is laughable for conservatives to continue their stance of being victims.


Duh. The Marxists control all the cultural institutions including the media. This is old news.


How? CNN and MSNBC are still well watched. The New York Times and Washington Post are still well read.

The focus is on magazines, featuring longer form journalism and ideas not so much day-to-day coverage and populist-driven coverage. The Atlantic, Slate, The New Yorker, Time, The New Republic, Newsweek and The Nation are well known by the general people and are on the left. How many right-leaning magazines are known by the same people other than the National Review and the Weekly Standard? This is the gap that’s being cited.

Beyond journalistic and political magazines, GQ, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, when they deal with politics, they skew left.


I don’t care :joy:


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