Philip/James and Early use of sign of cross

Cannot remember specifics nor where I read this – and someone has asked me to recall.

Seems when I was reconciling I was surprised to find that “someone” discovered Christians in Asia/Ethiopia/China/somewhere like that already making the sign of the cross when they arrived to evangelize.

What I think I recall suggested Philip or James had already been there and evidently taught the sign.

Is this sounding familiar to anyone?

Here is a site about Philip

There is something there about the Tau cross but this cross is diff than the Christian cross

I have a book about the twelve Apostles and a narrative says he carried one many places and, he did have four daughters, so
the statue of him always has a cross on a staff, but not like that one. From what I read it was a Tau cross hmmmmm this is interesting.:slight_smile:

And another site;

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