Philip Rivers Quarterback on Life on the Rock

DId anyone catch this? What a guy. Every young man should see this episode.

Philip Rivers - Life on the Rock

I saw parts as ironically I switched back and forth from watching Rivers playing his game on Sunday Night Football. Afterwards, I wished that I had called my college sophomore daughter to watch it. He is the type of man that our daughters should aspire to marry.


Now there is a role model for our young boys. Perhaps the youth groups could get this video and show it ot them.

Before the day is over, I will order the DVD of this program to show to my HS Jr. CCD boys who come to my home weekly for catechesis. While it isn’t directly part of the “Theology of the Body” curriculum. It is a great reinforcement. Assuming our DRE concurs, I’ll then make this available to the other Jr. and Sr. male teachers as well as the female teachers.

While my DRE is a great gal, she is very organized and doesn’t like deviations from the plan.

What a wonderful, thoughtful young man. I wish I could have found someone like him years ago. Sigh.

It was awesome! And he’s from Bama!

At one point when he was talking about marriage and the other Sacraments, I almost started crying, just thinking to myself…oh how I wish my boys would grow up to feel that way…:slight_smile: So, he inspired me in that I CAN try to raise my boys to love the Church!

I didn’t realize until this year that our San Diego Chargers’ quarterback is Catholic! My classmate told me about this episode, and after watching it, it made me feel very proud to be a Chargers’ fan - and I’m moreso of a Philip Rivers fan now!

He is definitely a role model for our times!:thumbsup:


Since David Eckstein (St. Louis Cardinal, World Series MVP, devout Catholic) is already married, I will need to divert my 18 year old daughter’s love interests towards Mr. Rivers. Sounds like he might meet some of her father’s requirements for a spouse!!


I liked him personally, but as a fan I still gotta cheer for Tom Brady.

Sorry, he’s taken. Got married his Freshman year of college and has three kiddos…:frowning: His wife converted…he is a cradle Catholic…

Keep praying!

Bummer for my DD!! Although her father probably couldn’t have handled a non Ram for a son-in-law. (although nothing would be worse than if he was a Chicago Cub :slight_smile: !!)

Gosh - married as a Freshmen - that’s my DD’s age - yikes!!!


I rubbed elbows with him in person, literally.

I was marching off the practice field and he was walking on through a narrow fenced path our freshman year at NCSU. I was pretty impressed to learn that he had kids even in college while playing football.

I love what he says his priorities are:




…always in that order!

you can order the DVD here - only 15.00

A must for every youth group and young men in every family.

After I ordered it, I thought “oh oh”. I better get permission for our DRE before I go off the curriculum. Here is her response:

“Thanks “Orion”—Yes, that is great!! It’s so funny that you mentioned this because I saw a bit of this “encore” episode last Sunday night, and I wrote down the ID number so I could order a copy. The Holy Spirit’s a movin’! Thanks for ordering it. Let me know when you’re through with it, and I will loan it out to the other groups… . .”

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