Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46


Brilliant actor, but obviously a troubled soul. RIP


Just tragic. May he rest in peace. His poor family and especially his children are in my prayers.


Not much of a moviegoer so didn’t make the connection between him and the well known roles he played. Obviously unable to deal with substance abuse. Sad for his children isn’t it?

I don’t know much about his history but the photo showed a man who looked at least 10 years older than stated age…maybe a lot of substance abuse in the past? Every time I see one of these reports I wonder if the Lindsay Lohans and Justin Biebers of the world take notice. Here is a talented, wealthy man with much to live for, dying alone with a needle in his arm.

Get help before drugs kill you…



the first movie i saw him in was Twister. he did stand out in the movie as he played somewhat of a comedic character. who could have guessed he would have gone on to become such a distinguished actor?! i don’t know his background, but perhaps his drug use was his way of coping with fame, money, etc.

two of my favorite movies with him are Doubt and Capote.

very sad to hear the news of his death and doubly sad to hear it was from a drug overdose.

may God grant him eternal rest. :gopray2:


Although I enjoyed his work immensely, I didn’t know much about his private life however, I’ve read that he had been sober for something like 23 years and recently relapsed. Such a shame.


yes, i read that also. so sad that people become a slave to the demon “heroin”. i feel sorry for his family left behind. 23 years is a long time to be clean. wonder if they will be able to find the person or persons who sold it to him.


He was the priest in “Doubt.” I think he outperformed Meryl Streep.

Requiescat in pace.


There has been a number of similar deaths like over the last week in America, apparently there is a bad batch of heroin going round mixed with an opiate painkiller. I wouldn’t be surprised that is the same thing which has happened here but then I’m no detective, I’m sure the authorities will be looking into that very connection.

I am actually very sad because I believed Hoffman to be one the best actors around, Synecdoche, New York and The Master are amongst my favourite films.
It’s always a tragedy when talented people are taken before their time, I mean when they die of natural age then it isn’t so bad but when they die under such terrible circumstances then I think about myself and how I’m a nobody and I’ve outlived some great people like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t know, it’s just sad to think about things like that.


Terrible :frowning:


i really wanted to see The Master, but didn’t get a chance to. we don’t have any premium movie channels now, so i don’t know when i will get to see it. he looked like he gave a good performance in that one though.


yes, he did an excellent job playing the priest. of course, his character was a little more sympathetic than the character that meryl streep played. it was an excellent performance on his part.


According to People magazine Hoffman first contacted the cleric for help on the Labyrinth Theater Company’s production of “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” which Hoffman directed in 2003. Martin also advised the Academy Award winning actor on his role as Father Flynn in the 2008 film “Doubt” which also netted him another nomination.

The pair hung out together at New York City’s Saint Ignatius Churhc, where the Priest explained how a priest celebrates Mass. Sadly it was in the same Church that he led Hoffman’s funeral Mass.

Priest says Hoffman taught him about humility.

He was raised as a catholic and buried in this priest’s church.= Saint Ignatius Churhc.

May God grant him eternal rest.


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