Philippine cardinal: Western media perspective was dominant at synod [CWN]

Reflecting on the recently concluded Synod of Bishops on the family, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila said that labels such as liberal and conservative are “not very useful,” …


That’s how our media works unfortunately. Just look at how much emphasizes they give to gay people coming out, several weeks ago how they gave a standing ovation to Monica Lewinsky.

Of course the media pushes the homo agenda thats their mission in life since at least the last 20 years so I don’t think the cardinals should have payed attention to their obsession with that subject.

On the liberal conservative labels I don’t know, there have always been traditionalists and those who want change even since the council of Nicaea, we just call it those labels now instead. It can become a bit problematic because the labels take on certain economic meanings and associate themselves with political parties but what else are you going to call it?

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