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Pretty sad state, I used to go diving off the coast of Batangas.


How was the diving there? I’ve gone a couple of times across the water in Puerto Gallera but I think most Philippino’s like Batangas for diving.


I was in Batangas 2 years ago. There was a lot of sea worms in the water. Freaked me off.


It was convenient since you could drive there from Manila, but I thought PG was better.
Best memories are from Moal Boal (?) on Cebu


I lived in Cebu City for over a year and stayed at Moalboal very often. The corals there are so great and so accessible that snorkelling is a great option. Did you visit the Chili Bar there, White Sands Beach etc? I think I am talking myself into going back there again. They finally put in a Gasaino Mall there maybe 4 years ago.


My memory is a bit hazy on the details :slight_smile:
I recall we stayed cheap, and close to the dive shop. Tried to go out in town one night, but it was dead quiet. It may have been a holiday. I liked that you could dive from the beach in front of the shop, no need for a boat as with almost all other dive spots I’ve been to.


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