Philippine President opines on the causes of rape


:rage: :pensive:

Dear Filipino people, please pick a better president.


He has a history of making such comments. He even said his daughter was a “drama queen” when she said she’d been sexually assaulted. Just vile.

I don’t even have the words to express how angry this makes me. Maybe one day there will be a world where rape is not a joke and women aren’t treated as commodities for men to use and discard at will. I can dream, anyway.


How much longer will he be president anyway?


I just looked it up - the next election is 2022, and he’s not eligible to stand because Presidents can only have one six year term. So he’ll be out in four years.


I’m glad for that, at least.


His comments may look extreme but look through threads on CAF.

You will see victim blaming aplenty. Called for women to dress more modestly as to not “tempt” me. Calls for women to watch their behavior lest they not open themselves up to rape. . . . .


It will be 4 long years for the people of the Phillipines.


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