Philippines: bishops warn about threat of dictatorship as Duterte declares national emergency [CWN]


The Catholic bishops of the Philippines have warned against the danger of dictatorship after President Rodrigo Duterte declared a “state of national emergency” in the wake of a September 2 terrorist attack in Davao City.



I live in the Philippines, and I don’t see fear of this.
Also this headline is misleading. One bishop, and he is an auxiliary bishop, says this. The headline say that “bishops warn” when is is one bishop, which too makes it seem that this is a statement from the Church in the Philippines.


The American media is painting the president of the Philippines as some sort of a wild character.


The more conspiratorial among Americans worry about the same thing. Those would be very interesting times.


The Australian media is painting him as a murderer who should face criminal charges. Personally, I think to sanction mass executions without trial is about as evil as it gets for a national leader.


Duterte seems to have a lot of popular support.

Most Filipinos do not want their country ending up like Mexico where drug cartels pretty much own the country.

Now I am against vigilante justice but I can see why he was elected.


The American drone strikes are executions without trial.


For that matter, so is abortion. A lot of elected leaders are guilty of that.


Yes I find American leadership quite disgraceful too. But at least they don’t kill their own citizens outright.


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