Philippines City Requires Taxis to Display Bible Verses


City leaders say this has an impact on their city. The ordinance is meant to reduce crime and show the spirituality of the people. Before this many taxis had obscene messages and images.


Hmm… interesting approach. I do wonder how things might be different in the US if we were inundated with spiritual rather than sensual messages (e.g. Christ with the lepers rather than Victorias Secrets “angels” on buses). In other words does the outward messaging help conform the inward?

Not that an ordinance like this would have a chance for the ink to dry before it was in federal court. I’m sure even if it was a rule for a private taxi company that some driver would complain and win a discrimination lawsuit. :nope:


That is good right?


This is hardly breaking news. Tagbilaran has had this ordinance in place for at least two decades and from what I’ve seen, public transportation operators have been compliant.


Personally, I think its a good thing. However, I have my doubts about its legality. What if a taxi driver is an atheist or a muslim or whatever. How can they be forced to display something they don’t believe in or worse still is the city saying only Christians are permitted to be taxi drivers.


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