PHILIPPINES - LIBYA - Filipino priest warns that the lives of 13,000 Filipinos in Libya are in danger [AN]


Fr Amado Baranquel, pastor at Tripoli’s Church of Mary Immaculate, appeals to his government after Islamists killed a 50-year-old Filipino “for not being a Muslim.” The cities of “Benghazi and Tripoli are under the control of militias,” with “tanks, the gunshots, and explosions.”



Sounds to me as if this is the start of a full fledged war against Christians everywhere. I truly believe we will start seeing such uprisings here on American soil. In our own area here we have had individuals detained for video taping dams, highway overpasses, etc by foreign nationalists. If it starts all at once, everywhere, how will we stop it?


I know this is not necessarily the topic of the thread, but why are there so many Filipinos in this country, i.e., why would they go to an area where the possibility of persecution is rather high? Is the economic situation in the Philippines that bad that they need to go to another part of the developing world for work? Are they stuck there because they no longer have passports (I’ve heard that this can happen to foreign nationals working in the Middle East)?


One could make a case and not meaning to be unkind to that religion but that basically Islam spreads by forcing out other peoples, convert or leave or other eventualities.

At least in these modern times, in the days of the Moors in Spain, I don’t know.


I imagine they are foreign workers.


Interesting you should mention Spain. The last Muslim leader to leave Spain after 700 years of oppressing the Spaniards is seen here depicted with the Catholic Monarchs of Spain at the time, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Maybe we can learn from Spanish history how they finally rid their land of this threat.


As terrorism and secularism become ever more common, the Catholic faith is becoming more and more threatened. And the sad thing is, the media doesn’t even care if 1,000 Christians die. Because of that, the world won’t realise just how threatened Christians are until there are none left in the Middle East.


Lybia is worse and worse every day, the Gadaffi regime was much better than this “democracy” and the lesson of the ambassador remembers that.
Philipinos like thais and other nationalities are where are money and jobs, in Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, and other countries and they were in Lybia.
Now they have to come back to home and emigrate where they could.

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