Philippines’ President Duterte: “who is this stupid God?”



What can you expect from a man who thinks murder is acceptable?


We should pray for Duterte. Many leaders get mad at the Church when the Church interferes with something they want to do. It’s ego and pride, pure and simple.


I have tried to stay on the fence with Duterte in the country where I live.

When he says that some priests are having affairs with women and are corrupt it is true. When he says something drastic has to be done regarding drugs and corruption it is true. He was the mayor of the southern city of Davao and ran a very ‘heavy handed’ administration but the city is one of the best in the Philippines in my opinion. I know many (especially Visaya speaking people) who really like him.

On the other hand when you give the police the power to shoot people it can go very wrong and I know families who have suffered loss because of that policy. I also know someone who has ties to Duterte who thinks he is basically an uncompassionate thug. He seemed to be boasting while in Singapore that he was involved in the murder of people.

I think his comments regarding God and the bible that have been played here on news programs point to a very low level representation of each. A mis-representation if you like.

He is entitled to his opinion but I don’t think it reflects well on his intellectual capabilities nor his temperament. There is not a strong political view amongst most Philippino’s which in some ways is a strength. Politics is local and run as an industry. At the big table on the national scene it then becomes an amalgam of regional power block interests.

Duterte might find those power blocks shifting.


He does NOT think murder is acceptable. What he finds acceptable is an officer killing in self defence when a suspect violently resists arrest. Same as the US. You want a suspect to come peacefully but US police are authorised to use deadly force if necessary.


He has publicly urged the murder of drug addicts by the public. Nothing to do with self defense, and no attempts at arrest involved.
Sheer, cold-blooded murder.


That is totally untrue!!


I accept your apology for calling me a liar.

There are plenty of more confirmations out there. Google is your friend.


You obviously don’t understand Duterte. None of what you put up means he accepts people being murdered.
He uses hyperbole to make a point.
He is the first President of the Republic that had given a damn about drugs and corruption which is why he still has about an 80% approval rating by filipinos.
The streets are much much safer nowadays!


You really don’t know much about him. And obviously don’t want to.


I live in the Philippines. Do you??


Most Philippinos are very faithfull Catholics. Does him mocking God not upset you?


You really don’t understand Duterte. He was not mocking God. He was making outrageous comments in a hyperbolic way to make a point.


Please help us pray for peace in my country. The leaders are mislead by lies, pride and self-righteousness.


Well, the Catholic Bishops in the Philippines don’t agree.

Watch “Bishops hit Duterte for calling God stupid” on YouTube


That’s because they don’t like his crude and blunt way of expressing himself.
However, Duterte has done more against corruption and drugs than any President in Philippines history.
The people that complain are essentially those who are corrupt and involved in the drug trade or out and out traitors like Senator Trillanes who led an attempted coup in 2003 and only went to jail for a few years. He should have been executed.
Those who complain about Duterte’s war on drugs and say too many have been killed, well guess what all they do is complain. Nobody has put forward an alternative solution. If someone doesn’t like something but can’t come up with something better then they should shut up.
Sadly, people who don’t live in the Philippines are being bombarded with disinformation fed by corrupt opposition politicians and these gullible people outside the country lap it up.
As a result of the war on drugs all types of violent crimes have decreased. The streets are safer nowadays more than they have ever been.
That’s why Duterte still has an approval rating of around 80%.


I agree he wants to better society, but his methods are too extreme. Drug addicts need treatment and Christ to set them free. Not the hand of an extremist play God as judge and executioner.

Did not Christ die for drug addicts also, or only for liars and fornicators?


What point was he trying to make when he said:

This son of a b**** is then really stupid,” according to CBS’s translation of his remarks.

He also questioned the Christian doctrine of original sin. “You were not involved but now you’re stained with an original sins … What kind of a religion is that? That’s what I can’t accept, very stupid proposition,” he asked.


I’m seeing a lot of people on my facebook that I used to work with who are Filipino (moved to Canada now), who are sharing anti-catholic images, such as the one below. This all started after Duterte’s comments. Can anyone shed light on what this means? Is there some issue/scandal with Catholic schools in the Philippines or is Catholic education not government funded by tax dollars so students need to pay tuition (this is common practice in all countries that don’t fund Catholic schools)? I’m just very confused and would like context if anyone knows… I wish I could respond to her with charity because there are so many lies being spread about our beautiful faith… It makes me sad.


If anyone in the Philippines has a way to stop the country becoming a hard core narco state which it almost is currently then what is it?
If anyone thinks the drug problem in the US is bad they should live here and see.
It is pointless complaining about a solution to a problem unless a better alternative solution is put forward. Nobody here has done that.

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