Philippines’ President Duterte: “who is this stupid God?”


I understand. My motherland Mexico is same way. Narco’s rule whole towns. Its a very difficult situation to deal with. At least you feel safer.


Not sure, most schools are government run. God hasn’t been chased out of those schools yet like in the west. Many of the private schools are owned and run by individuals as a business. The Catholic church would have a role in government schools and would also own and run some private schools.

People with money use private schools and so the wages for teachers are better there than the government schools. This would suggest that the teachers are better in private schools and the education better. This is all facilitated by the fees paid by parents.

There are some scandals with individually owned private schools that are run as a business. I know Korean private schools that have folded with teachers not being paid and strung along while owners take fees from parents. I am not sure about Catholic school scandals. The question asked in your attachment is very vague and not detailed. Usually bad arguments are made that way with the goal of creating scandal rather than reporting on it. In short, I am not sure what they are referring to.

Quite a few American Protestant evangelists come to the Philippines. Anti-Catholicism seems to be a significant part of converting people.


I thought the same thing- no sources, no information, just a completely random claim. I find that Facebook has a ton of these images relating to all sorts of topics that are completely false, and people who don’t bother to fact check spread them like crazy. It’s SO sad to hear that anti Catholic protestants are going to the Philippines and spreading those false ideas. :frowning: I’ll be praying for the Philippines


How does calling God stupid hep stop drug dealers?


You too do not understand Duterte. Read my posts more carefully.


Posted something days ago but it’s in the moderation queue. Still waiting for it to show up. Probably because I used a word that began with b and ended with d.

Basically Duterte is a terrible person and leader who got the position by using the illegal drug trade like Hitler did Jews. Scapegoat strawmen for what’s wrong with the country, with a lot of innocent blood spilled, including kids. His own son was implicated in a drug deal and he did nothing.

Then he’s a suck-up to the dictator Marcos and his family who probably funded his presidential campaign. Buried him as a hero after all the corruption and deaths, and after he faked being a WW2 hero which was debunked. Marcos Jr. is gunning for the vice presidency through electoral protest with his approval/cooperation because our semi-feudal favor/patronage system is hell.

He changed nothing, just killed more people and made it worse for the living. The economy is falling by the day and the poor are the first to suffer. The people his cops kill are the poor, not the rich fat cat drug lords you see in movies.

Then there’s his cozying up with China, which has been muscling in on our territory in defiance of the UN, contrary to his campaign promises that he’d defy them personally, and with poor fishermen being deprived of their catch by Chinese ships.

Then there’s his machinery of fake news/propaganda/social media cheerleaders. When he was mayor of Davao City, he was notorious for abetting vigilante executioners called the “Davao Death Squad” or DDS. His people have transformed DDS into “Duterte Defender Squad” or something that trivializes murder. And contrary to propaganda, Davao was never crime-free or drug-free under him. Now his daughter runs the place. Political dynasties are a big problem in the system.

Christ himself called Satan the father of lies who was a murderer from the beginning. Know people by their works.


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