Philippines president encourages citizens to kill drug users/ dealers

Saw this on the news earlier, many people in the Philippines have been shot down in the street, sometimes by police, sometimes by unknown shooters.

Its pretty crazy when the president of a country is telling the citizens to go out and kill certain people!! Seems like this could get out of hand, if someone wanted revenge, all they would have to do is say they saw the person using drugs and suddenly it would be acceptable and they would face no prosecution.

I guess the authorities are just taking the killers word for it that their victims were indeed dealers or users??

Isn’t the Philippine president the Trump of Asia?

Maybe seeing what goes down in the Philippines will give us a foretaste of what will happen if Trump is elected.

This was my immediate reaction as well.

With that said, it’s not a good idea to project one’s actions for another necessarily. Still, it may be prudent to assess the actions of the two to see if they are comparable.

Altho this is not on the Prayer Intentions thread,
I pray that the population of Manila and indeed
the whole Phillipine country will NOT follow his
advice, b/c “God has no pleasure in the death
of the wicked” Eze. 18:23 but rather that they
repent and LIVE.

I believe this was a tactic of his as a mayor as well.

I’ve been living in the Philippines for the last 3 years. You have to factor in a little ‘reality’ with your theory.

No, you don’t just get to shoot your neighbour and say you saw him take drugs. Reality does not work that way.

That being said, there are obvious potential problems with such a policy, though Duterte is still very much popular here.

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