Phillip Hughes, Australian Cricketer, Dies From Injuries


A terrible story that just broke this afternoon Australian time. Cricketer Phillip Hughes was hit in the neck on Tuesday by a cricket ball which crushed a vital artery in this neck and caused bleeding on the brain. He collapsed seconds after the injury and never regained consciousness. This kind of injury is very rare - basically a freak accident.

Thoughts and prayers are with Phillip’s family, friends, teammates and also Sean Abbott, the player who bowled the fatal ball.




A man who can bat double centuries against India can be felled by a single bouncer. Such a sad end to a great young man. May his soul rest in peace.


I saw a picture of him. He was young and handsome.
Very tragic.


:gopray2: We are used to hearing of catastrophic Rugby League/Union injuries, but you just wouldn’t imagine it in cricket. Mind you I’ve been hit by a cricket ball myself as an observer and it is like a rock.


My condolences.

This is a big story, matches being postponed in various venues.


Very sad story.

I don’t know much of anything about cricket What exactly is a “bouncer”?


Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.


He would have turned 26 this Sunday. Very tragic.


This is a bit of a “freak” accident, isn’t there an artery in the leg where sometimes, if that one is severed, people can be killed as well. Very tragic. My prayers for the repose of his soul and for his family.


A bouncer is a ball bowled short so it hits the ground early rising up into the face of the batter thus intimidating, and in this tragic accident, killing him. Abbott the bowler is understandably shattered and our prayers are also with him as well.


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