Phillip Jenkins book on abuse scandal

Although I have found statistics as high as 10% (which seems impossible), according to the Catholic League Phillip Jenkins’ book *Pedophiles and Priests *puts the amount of pedophile Protestant ministers at 2-3% in contrast to his figure of .2-1.7% of Catholic priests.

Here is the link to the Catholic League article:

Is anyone familiar with this book?

If the Catholics have a problem, the Protestants have a nightmare!

I guess the Protestants are somewhat ignored in the bias anti-Catholic news media in our Protestant nation we live.

See these sites:…%2Fcease%2Fcsa.htm


I just looked at some of the articles that you contributed, Malachi4U. It is disturbing that this is not widely publicized. Pedophiles should be publicly outed wherever they are found. Pedophilia is pure evil and should not be covered up whether it occurs in a Catholic Church or a Protestant one. Any decent person reading this should be outraged!

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