Philly FOP Chief On Presidential Endorsement: Clinton ‘Blew The Police Off’


They didn’t care. Their attitude, then, back in July, during the DNC, was they were going to win this thing anyway, so who cares? Now, I think the tides have turned a little bit and she’s on her heels…


We’re falling in line with the national FOP and, basically, she just disregarded and blew the police off. You can’t go in and expect to get respect when you didn’t give it to us. We gave a very fair process, we thought. We put out a questionnaire and she absolutely refused…outright refused, with a nasty campaign rebuttal to why she wouldn’t. Simple as that, we went in and we participated with the candidate that cooperated. He filled it out. We met with him.”

Filling out that questionnaire would have only caused her more trouble. If she filled it out “pro cop” she would have trouble with the BLM crowd, a very vocal bunch; if she filled it out to appease BLM then she would be seen as anti-cop and would be pounced on by the Trump campaign and others for not supporting police. By “pleading the 5th” she avoided much bigger problems.


Heaven forbid she actually take a stance on something besides infant murder…






Hard to federalize the police if you’ve gone on record supporting them.


More accurately, “…push for federal oversight of local police…”


I agree. I am not defending her, just saying what I thought was the reason why she refused to fill out the FOP questionnaire


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