Phobia of Rated "R" Films

I recently moved to a new parish and people there have really accused me of being too “spiritual.” I try putting some effort into being accommodating and interacting with people at my parish with things that aren’t related to the kingdom of God, but I’m not really comfortable with it.

Tonight, some people from my parish invited me to go with them to a rated R film called “She’s Out of My League” and the reviews seem to indicate some sexually explicit content in the film. I’m male and not really comfortable exposing myself to that sort of content.

Yet, I want to serve the kingdom of God and I can’t do that if I chronically avoid everyone in the parish for not being “holy” enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please, help!!

I wouldn’t see it…

What you could do is suggest another movie everyone an go see…or if they don’t want to change their film choice, see if they have plans for after the film, are they going for coffee or something to eat?

Then join them for that.

By the way the Bishop conference gives it an O rating meining Morally Objectionable.

It’s just a movie :shrug:

If your strong willed enough,nothing you see in those movie will influence you.

Like if you watch a “R” movie with drug use…Remember what you see and never use drugs.

See?..Turn bad behavior in movies into a life lesson.

“Too spiritual”? You could ask them if they feel Jesus was “too spiritual”. :wink:

As to the rating, I’m phobic about some PG-13 films.
Are they going for entertainment or to help themselves into heaven?

RottenTomatoes: “bogged down by excessive vulgarity and cartoonishness.”


  • Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations (once in a sexual context).
  • Frequent use of scatological slang, profanity, cursing, and vulgar expressions.
  • Use of slurs.

I’d pass. Or invite them to see “The Passion of the Christ” at your house!
But somehow I suspect they won’t want to come up to your level, they just want you to come down to theirs.

Remember, it is rated “R”.

Don’t go.

One day you will look back and know you were a real man and made a mature decision.

Keep in mind that peer pressure to sell out *is *the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Hang in there pal!!!

how does saying, sorry I can’t go to the movie with you make you holier than everybody else in the parish, and why do you have to avoid others in the parish who do not share your taste in movies?

You are not avoiding the people in your parish, you are avoiding a film that sounds morally offensive. Not all R rated movies are the same, like someone pointed with the Passion being rated R. But you are avoiding a social situation that makes you uncomfortable and I admire you for saying so. I think by actually saying “no”, you are actually serving God. We need more people in the Church that stand up for stuff they find offensive and less that say yes because everyone else seems to be giving their approval.

I don’t have a phobia of rated R, DEPENDING on WHY it was rated R. I can deal with some language and violence, but gore and sexual overcontent, I don’t do. She’s Our of my League is NOT a movie I would have seen either, and I’m 19 o.0

I really dont see how this needs to be a huge deal.

Its just a movie. I doubt you are going to come out of the theater ready willing and able to have pre martial relations with whoever, my friends often invited me to come see movies of a similar nature, even if i wasn’t interested in seeing it i just went for the company of being out with them. Make a judgement call, if you feel seeing the film will weaken your resistance to sin so much that you are likely to commit one then don’t go.


See, I myself (can’t speak for OP) I’ no prude, and being an avid lover of fiction, I don’t think seeing this movie would tempt most spiritualy rooted people to sin, but I myself am just not a fan of crude comedy. Now, I haven’t seen this movie, but it seems like many recent comedies; sexual inuendos, sex jokes, coarse language…I have no problem with a sprinkling of it here or there, but modern R rated comedies seem to be nothing BUT.

I’m all for saying no also. In fact, you don’t even need to tell them why you’re not going if you decide against it.

As for the ‘too spiritual’ accusation, you can tell them to take it up with Jesus.

Stick to your decision. Do what you need to do to keep the Lord first.

I disagree with other posters who say it is just a movie. I don’t go to R rated movies. I’ve never told my Church friends why but I suspect they know.

I don’t like to watch or hear about sex on television and I believe movies take it way over the line. Honestly, is there any point to it? The only reason to show a sex scene is for titilation. Even if sex is central to the plot, you can always infer through conversation what happened.

Don’t go. It’s not a matter of being too “holy” to watch it, it’s a matter of being a weak person prone to sin and trying to avoid sin (including sins of the mind and heart) because they would offend the Lord.

:thumbsup: :rotfl:

Dear Maghog,

Good for you! By refusing to accompany those members of your parish to the cinema to watch a salacious film containing unwholesome content, you gave a very good testimony to them respecting your sancitity and separation from the world. That truly is serving the kingdom of God and you have no need to reproach yourself or to feel that you were being overscrupulous. By the way if you are branded ‘prudish’ or a ‘hidebound Puritan’ by your fellow parishioners, then consider such uncharitable epithets a compliment and don’t be unduly concerned; you are simply endeavouring to keep yourself “…unstained from the world” (James 1: 27), as Sacred Scripture enjoins.

Christians who squander their time viewing morally depraved and reprehensible TV programmes and Films, ought to be throroughly ashamed of themselves. Such deplorably bad material is not only soul polluting and time consumming, but it can also engender unholy and impure thoughts that can be the occasion of much grave sin and shame.

As Catholics we cannot sit passively watching men and women engage in fornication and other sins of the flesh and remain unscathed morally by the experience - “can a man carry fire in his bosom and his clothes not be scorched?” (Prov. 6: 27). Moreover, bearing in mind our Church’s teaching on chastity and fornication, how can we possibly watch such unbridled ribaldry?

Films and TV programmes (and they are legion nowadays) that contain indecent and morally offensive content should be denounced in the strongest terms as unworthy and base forms of entertainment.

Our lot is cast in a morally degenerate age, so let us as Catholics strive to be pure and holy so that at the last we may enter into life eternal.

Warmest good wishes,


You are RIGHT stand your ground with confidence! Being a Catholic is not just about going to Church but also LIVING according to the Gospel

Set an example and others (may) be inspired to follow

But … i would say - do it humbly , ie: it’s OK to point out the Truth - but try not to make a big thing of it like the Pharisees!

God Bless:)

all R rated films aren’t bad, just some. However, i don’t think Jesus would want anyone to see a movie completely about sex.

Indeed. When a comedy is rated R, I already know that I will hate it and my time is far better spent elsewhere. It’s not that I think watching it will tempt me to sin. I just don’t find vulgarity and constant in-your-face sex jokes to be very entertaining. :shrug:

Maghog, I would definitely recommend not going to see the movie if you are uncomfortable with it. All you have to do is say you have other plans. You don’t have to whip out the USCCB movie review and tell them you don’t approve of such filth. I would save such a conversation until after friendship has been established.

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