Phoenix and church bells

This is really stupid. City of Phoenix says church bells are too loud and even sentenced the priest for disturbing the peace. However the bells are softer than an ice cream truck.
Clearly the neighbors who accused the church are anti-religious. Rather sickening, but at least the church is fighting back now.

Here’s the whole story:

As I think I heard on local Christian TV today, Bishop Painter (denomination?) rings the bells six times a day. There is a house right next door to the church where the poor man can’t even take a nap (I think he was there first.) I just can’t help but think that glorifying God doesn’t include aggravating your neighbors in the process. :shrug:

It’s a Catholic Church. Our Church rings its bells on the hour. They are beautiful. I would love to live next door.

Bishop Painter, who got fined, is Charismatic Episcopal.

I like church bells too, but how will this man who perceives it as disturbing his peace, be drawn to Christ by this?

it sounds like there are 3 or 4 churches who have filed a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix and one of them is a Catholic church. if ice cream trucks are allowed to drive down the city streets and play their bells and music, i don’t see why the churches should not be allowed to ring their bells.
i also would not mind living next door to a church and listen to the bells ring. i find it very comforting.
however, i think playing them every 1/2 hour is a little much.
i guess if some people are secular, the church bells would be annoying to them.

The neighbors across the street from our church don’t really seem to care. We have church bells ringing at 8:30am every Sunday and haven’t gotten a complaint - (atleast from what I’ve heard.) I think they were probably mad though last week when our music director forgot to turn back the clock on the machine and they rang an hour early.

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