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I hope I posted this thread in the right category. I just moved to Phoenix and I’m looking for a traditional parish in the Phoenix area. My last parish had Latin Mass, but I often went to the English mass anyway, so that is not essential to me. I just want to go somewhere with a good homilist and confessor and sound theology. Any suggestions are appreciated.



The FSSP has an apostolate in Phoenix.


The cathedral for the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix is in Phoenix.

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Why can’t my city have so many options for a Catholic? :rage:

Latin Mass, Byzantines, OF…

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Thank you, babochka and entwhistler! I’m very fond of icons so I may have to check out the Byzantine cathedral this weekend.

This priest is in the archdiocese of Phoenix. One of his homilies was recommended by a priest in my archdiocese. The theology seems sound.
I’ve never been to his parish but you might wish to see if it is near your home, or, if you are home shopping, you might want to explore parishes before choosing your home and look at Catholic schools perhaps also. He preaches at the Cathedral of Saint Simon and Saint Jude and his homilies are broadcast. Many may be found on youtube.
Here are links to a few homilies.

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It is very easy to find what you are looking for in Phoenix. I would venture it is harder to find a priest who is a mediocre confessor or bad homilist there than to find a good one. What part of town are you in?

As mentioned Latin mass is available at Mater Misericordiae. The priests there are good confessors.
The Latin mass is also offered at St Catherine and once a month at All Saints in Mesa. Avoid Our Lady Of Sorrows as it is SSPX.

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Thank you Jeannetherese! This parish is on my list to visit.

Deditus, I’m in East Phoenix, an easy drive to downtown or Uptown. I would happily have a longer drive to mass, if need be.

St Thomas the Apostle, St Joan Of Arc, St Theresa, Most Holy Trinity and Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Scottsdale are very solid parishes in your general area. Very different culturally and aesthetically though. Most parishes here have multiple priests and you may find sermon quality varies.

St Mary’s Basilica downtown is the most beautiful church architecturally and musically and is a very friendly place. I know that at least two of the friars priests there are good confessors. It is considerably more liberal though culturally but it isn’t in your face. It is a place where Traddies and flaming liberals coexist (but while grumbling)

St Francis Xavier uptown is a pretty church with a strong community. It is a Jesuit church and runs a bit to the left as well.

I have mixed feelings about the cathedral. You can be sure things are correct there but I have never been tempted to make it my parish…

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