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I will be traveling to Phoenix soon and was looking for advice on a good parish for attending Mass.

I want to attend a parish that faithfully celebrates the Mass as it is defined in the GIRM. I don’t like cheesey 70’s music. I don’t like it when priests think they should change the words up to “help us out”. (Imagine if all the faithful responded with their own words instead of the required response…)

Anyway, I will be downtown at the Sheraton on North 3rd Street. So a close parish with a faithful Mass would be great.




Well, a list of parishes near you can be found with the help of…


I’ve heard good things about St. Thomas the Apostle from my former employer…but I’ve never been to mass there myself. I think they also have a Latin Mass. Theres also the Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral downtown, thats where Bishop Olmstead is in residence. You could also just have a look at all the parishes here:

I’d recommend my own parish but its a bit out of the way for downtown.


St. Thomas the Apostle on 24th Street and Campbell is one site of the EF at 1:00 pm on Sunday.

Of course, you’re always welcome at St. John of the Desert Melkite Parish, 3718 East Greenway (just a few blocks off the 51 freeway). Divine Liturgy is at 10:30.


May I suggest you consider attending St. Stephen’s Byzantine Catholic parish? Here’s their website with info and directions:

And as a previous poster noted, St. Simon and Jude is also very good! (My cousin plays the piano there. :slight_smile: )

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