Phony Catholic Priest Sentenced Again to Jail in Los Angeles: "You Can't Go Into a Church and Pretend."


He won’t stop pretending to be a Catholic priest. As he impersonated a priest, he said weekday mass and heard confessions, which were all invalid, and he conducted baptisms and even gave uplifting sermons, so it was reported. Also he collected money for fake trips to see the Pope, which the law particularly didn’t like. Now he has just been put into jail for this–again.
(This sort of thing has happened in other places. In my own parish seven or eight years ago, a man came pretending to be a priest, and then conducted Sunday mass, until he was suspected when he solicited money, then arrested. The parish priest was on vacation when he came, and no one asked him for credentials.)


The article said he was in one parish for 5 months…how does that happen? :eek:
The pastor didn’t know a new priest was coming? Nothing official comes from the Church to announce his appointment? It seems a little weird. He just shows up and he is in? :shrug:


Gosh! :frowning:


I read about this a while ago & wondered how he got away with his impersonation for so long. It seems that there was no oversight by the archdiocese.


The diocese should wake up, circulate this guy’s picture in every bulletin and warn everyone that his is not a priest and should be reported immediately the next time he shows up.


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