Photo of Holy Father

We’d like to have a picture of the Holy Father in our house, something suitable for a frame on the wall. I know we can purchase one from EWTN or local Catholic store, but has anyone ever purchased the image itself from something like ?

This is the site for purchasing images through L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper. Their photographers follow the Holy Father throughout his day and travels. They are certainly reputable. I don’t know if they are considered the “Vatican” photographers or if this is another group. I know when you visit the Vatican there is an office in Vatican City to purchase images from the Popes audiences, etc. I am not sure whether this is the same office.

I am sure you would get a good quality image with, though I have not purchased from them myself. I am just not sure how long it would take to receive it. I have often thought of ordering from them because you can get an original photograph that is more unique than some of the mass produced images.

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