Photo of planes flooded at Houston Airport is fake

Jaw-dropping photo of planes floating on flooded tarmac at Houston airport during Hurricane Harvey is revealed as a HOAX

Dramatic image of the inundated airport was a mock-up depicting New York City’s LaGuardia Airport

The simulation was put together in 2013 by Climate Central - an independent non-profit organization dedicated to researching and reporting on climate change

Its purpose was to show what would happen if sea levels were to rise 25 feet by the year 2100

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So whats the purpose in trying to fool people like this? Have everyone believe its worse than it actually is…or…?

There is something fake about this story, and it’s not the doctored photos. It is the implied claim that any prominent information source ever intended to represent these pictures as pictures of Houston Airport. The photos were misrepresented and released on “several Twitter accounts.” Sorry, no smoking gun here.

You know the cliche “You can’t un-ring a bell”? Whatever nomenclature folks want to use (i.e.“smoking gun”) everyone knows that certain forces in our society use social media to spread disinformation and are being funded by wealthy patrons in their effort. Then you have lone wolves to whom the internet has given a voice and to whom modern society has given a mentally deficient audience. Just because they “retract” it like a lawyer making a comment for the jury that the judge will strike from the record, admonishing jurors to ignore it does not mean the bell has been un-rung. The pernicious message still remains.

St. Francis deSales pray for us.

Fake, but things are still looking pretty horrific in Houston. I think this might already be worse than Katrina and it has a long way to go.

You don’t need to hypothesize a billionaire bogeyman to explain this cheap prank.

Yup. The Internet, in its current form, is destroying us as a society – not “bringing us together,” as was the promise, but driving us apart in its ability to polarize, bully, to become the free-flowing sewer of filth and dysfunction that it has become. It will never happen, but I for one would love to see the Internet reduced to a text-only function. Research could still be done, written communication would carry on, “free speech” would still be preserved – but without the current visual insanity that reigns in cyberspace. And yes, it would also mean the end if cat videos. Small price to pay to restore national and international relations.

You know it is fake because airlines aren’t stupid and airplanes are mobile. They fly their planes out of areas that are about to have a hurricane or other serious weather that may be a threat.

there was also a photo going around of Obama and his family serving food at a shelter but it was actually a photo of them 2-3 years ago serving Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter.
it wasn’t a food line for victims of Hurricane Harvey as the photo
why do they do that?

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