Photo of pole-dancing doll has parents in an outrage

Batteries and dollar bills not included.

A grainy Internet photo of an alleged new toy for girls has parents in a tizzy - “Pole Dance,” a doll that, well, dances around a pole. Like a stripper.

In the photo, which first appeared on gadget blog, the box for the toy depicts a cherubic, brunette doll in a shiny green dress, clutching a pole with a disco ball on top while standing on a small stage that says “Pole Dancer.”

The simple graphics on the box include the words “Style,” “Flash” “Up and Down” “Go Round and Round” and “Music.”

Whether or not it’s a hoax or a sign of the apocalypse, posters on parenting Web site were aghast over the suggestive doll sending a horrible message to young girls.

“Can you say dieing (sic) civilization. NEXT!!,” read one post. Said another: “It does look pretty real . but it just seems too over the top to be real! I just can’t believe someone would go that far . well, then again, maybe I can.”

A writer for told that the new doll is likely authentic - and probably came from Asia.

“As far as I can tell, it’s a real product,” said’s Jesus Diaz. “It didn’t seem Photoshopped to me. It feels more like the typical Chinese-made product you can only find in low cost stores.”

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