Photo of St. Therese with The Cross in her eyes


Anbody have any information about this photograph of St. Therese. It is the one at the bottom of the page here:

We have been having a lively discussion at a St. Joan of Arc forum that I am a part of ever since one of the ladies noticed the crosses in the eyes of St. Therese. You should be able to read the forum thread here:

If anyone here at this forum has any additional information about this photograph we would all love to know.


I would guess it’s just the reflection of something white in front of her.


Looks like the whitish part is the reflection of the sky, the dark parts are from buildings.


I can certainly see what appears to be a cross in her left eye…the right eye I could not distinguish as a cross at all. The cross in her left eye may well be a phenomena caused by the actual photography and explainable, it could even be some sort of photographic touch up and equally explainable…or it could indeed be something supernatural perhaps. It certainly is apt no matter what it actually is as St. Therese did develop a great love of the cross and those early artistic only ‘holy pictures’ that did appear of her present her embracing the cross (which she did) as well as roses which is also pertinent to her life and statements she made in her autobiography. She is my patron saint and when I was given a “real picture” of her - a photographic image - two actually, one prior to her entering Carmel and another of her as a Carmelite novice…my heart danced dances I think to have a REAL PICTURE of a saint and of ‘my saint’. Of course, we do have real pictures of quite a few saints, but back then at the time of my Confirmation we did not see many of them for some reason.

Could be anything to my mind…I love the lady! miraculous images or not…Blessings and regards…barb:)


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