Photocopying a workbook

is this allowed for teachers in schools?

my school associate for my practicum uses this spelling program which is called steck Vaughn. it’s basically a workbook where the kids can fill out blanks with the correct spelling words.

she uses a photocopy of the book and makes photocopy of each chapter as handouts.

I needed the program in braille so I got a different version, it comes with a book in print but there’s only one copy. but i’m thinking it’s probably illegal for me to photocopy the book for the kids

does anyone know. I’ve tried researching the subject but i’m more confused than ever. it feels like we can hardly use anything

It would appear from several posts from you recently that you are struggling with scrupulocity. Please stop polling strangers on the Internet to form your conscience and speak to a spiritual director asap.

Many teachers supplies and workbooks come with the right to reproduce. Just look at the inside cover of the book and it will tell you whether or not the publishers allows reproductions.

That depends on the rights given by the publisher. Some programs come with reproducible masters, others do not.

Angel, please seek spiritual direction from your pastor.

thanks for the suggestion, i’ll ask someone to check.

I also asked the library where I got the loan if they know

Students needing Braille are a well established phenomenon. If somebody in your educational institution or its governing or administrative bodies, or the average publisher, can’t be troubled to guide you, please contact an organisation for the blind. If you’ve time, contact them all.

Whilst scrupulosity is a real issue, priority in your thinking should be given to methodically and systematically exploring practicalities to the utmost. When a practical solution has been identified, you will probably find that you have stopped being scrupulous anyway!

This is why you are in a practicum - to throw you up against a huge range of practical everyday problems and give you the chance to find out what concretely the solutions are.

Wishing you and your dear students every success, just for today!

Just FYI, it is angell1 who needs Braille, not her students. Angell1 is blind. Therefore she cannot see what the cooperating teacher is using, as it pertains to copyright, and will have to ask.

It is a real issue for Angell1. She has struggled periodically over a long period of time, and has a most tender conscience. We love angel and try to help her whenever her scruples are acting up. Her family is also overprotective due to her blindness and isn’t a good source for her to turn to with doubts.

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