Photos of Dominican Rite


Below is a link to photos of the Dominican Rite.

The mass was offered by Fr. Augustine Thompson OP at the St. Albert Priory in Oakland Ca. Nov. 15, 2008

For those who may not know, The Dominican Rite is the traditional rite of the Dominican Order.


Thank you, Richard. How beautiful!




Are there also Franciscan and Benedictine rites?


Kudos to the Dominicans like Fr Augustine who do all possible to preserve the ancient and venerable Dominican usage.

As for the others, no, they don’t. Among the traditional religious Orders, the Dominicans have a proper usage, and so do the Cistercians (O.Cist, not OCSO), and the Carthusians. I’m a little rusty and am not sure about the Norbertines (O.Praem). There may be one or two others, but definitely not either the Franciscans (whether OFM, OFM Cap. OFM Conv., or TOR) nor the OSB. The Carmelties (O.Carm., not the OCD) had a proper usage too, and it was just beautiful. Unfortunately they abandoned it for the NO – such a waste and a great loss to tradition.




Wonderful photos. Thank you for sending the link.


This is not quite correct.

First, the rites of the Orders were not usages but actual Rites excluding the Franciscan Usage which was an accommodation of the Roman Rite for the OFM (cap)s . In additions there was the Carmelite Rite, the so called Norbertine Rite and as you said the Cistercian and Carthusian Rite. The Benedictines used the Roman Rite but retained a particular form of the Office which was unique to them. These along with certain regional rites like the Ambrosian, Mozaribic, Galatian and Sarum Rite were all found prior to the reordering of a “Universal” Western Rite. However, since the Rites of the orders except for the Franciscan Usage had the canonical state of immemorial the were not formally abrogated after the Second Vatican Council but rather the respective Orders set them aside at the request of Pope Paul VI though some persist as our Rite does.

By the way: I was one of the Acolytes for Fr. Augustine’s Mass. Thank you all for your kind words.

Br. Gabriel, OP


I got the chance to attend the Solemn High Dominican Rite Mass at Seattle’s Blessed Sacrament church a couple months ago- it was sublime. A profession chant choir was hired specifically for the occasion(the parish’s 100 year anniversary), and the church was over capacity, people knelt in the aisles! The kind of scene you want in any church at any Mass, let alone only of the only Solemn Masses offered in Seattle since the 60’s.

There were pictures of this particular event posted on, along with commentary. They are probably still there under the ‘dominican rite’ tag.


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