PHOTOS: Welcome To The World's 'Highest And Longest' Glass-Bottomed Bridge


**It’s touted as the “world’s highest and longest” glass-bottom bridge, elegantly stretched between two mountain peaks in central China’s Hunan province.

And as of this weekend, it’s open to visitors. Now, one can walk the 470-yard length of the glass bridge, which is positioned a vertigo-inducing 328 yards above the ground, as China’s state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

The bridge is located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest, where the otherworldly, plummeting mountain faces reportedly provided inspiration for the forest setting in the film Avatar.**

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Hi Exiled Child,

Thanks for posting the linked article.

That bridge is really beautiful. I bet the whole area is really beautiful, and I would think that being on it allows one to feel as though they are part of the forest there.

I know that if I had the chance, I would like to cross it. :slight_smile:


Same here.


Thinking of the cost knowing the utter poverty there is in China.


Sure that’s one way to look at it. But think of the laborers, engineers, architects, and others who gained skills, experience and money from the project. Assuming most of the money flowed back into Chinese hands, this was probably for their benefit!


Yes, and also the tourism, too.

It makes me want to go there and visit. If I had the chance to go and visit Asia/China, I would want to go and see it. :slight_smile:


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