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Portree, Isle of Skye .



Looking south from the beach this morning. The landmass in the distance under the clouds to the left is the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and the smaller landmass to the right is Santa Catalina Island.



I think skunks are proof God has a sense of humor. Such really cute creatures, with pretty fluffy tails. And a terrible scent.


Standing above the altar, tall, shining, full of majesty and meekness, the Blessed Virgin Mary. With her hand, she signaled me to kneel. An irresistible strength drew me towards her. She didn’t say anything. I understood everything. - Alphonse Ratisbonne


I am the Immaculate Conception


Uig Harbour on the Isle of Skye .


I think you are right!


The Glenfinnan Viaduct Bridge on the Isle of Skye


I found this crucifix this morning while rummaging around, looking for something else. It fell out of a travel case for CDs. I had been wondering what had happened to it since I moved in January.


P.S. I did find the other thing, too :slight_smile:


We lost this sweet little baby early this morning. Today would’ve been the start of his 3rd week with us.:sob::sob::sob:

Rest in peace, Little Black Sambo (2018-2018).


The local Momma Rabbit has a taste for marshmallows. So I make getting them a challenge.


They also suppress the local mouse population.


So sorry to hear that. Prayers.


Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye .

The dungeon in the castle is basically a big hole you can’t get out of with a barred opening so that when the tide comes in you get drowned .


My mum and I out birding


Did I ever say how much I like thunderstorms? :smiley:
They will be pretty mild …but,hooray!


Sorry to hear about that Lily :confused:
My daughter brought home a new mouse trap,


The old one inspecting the new …

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