hi does anybody on here have photos of their vestments and if you do could you tell me where you got them from

This is your third thread asking about vestments. Do you attend Mass?

I don’t quite understand the question. Do you mean the vestments worn by the priest for Mass? Very few priests own their own vestments; they are provided by the parish and kept in the church.

It is very odd that you have no religion, but you keep asking about vestments.

Well my priest likes to wear fiddleback vestments, which were donated by a retired Anglican priest who recently joined our congregation. I don’t have picture of the actual vestments, but I found these ones online which are similar.

I do not attend mass I thought that priests buy the vestments themselves

Sometimes we do. I own several sets of vestments, as do the other priests of my parish. The parish also has vestments for our use. I use either, although I most often use parish vestments since I often have deacons serving with me and I don’t own dalmatics that match all my chasubles.


is there a certain company that you use for your vestments

I have ordered from from India, as their vestments are decently made and are not terribly expensive. I have also ordered from from Poland, for the same reasons.

I am curious as well, why are you asking all these questions about vestments if you list your religion as “none?”


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