Physical Characteristics of Adam

As we know adam was not born so he had no feeding tube mark on stomach.

I have heard that men were women before being men in the order of gestation. That’s why men have women characteristics on their pectoral muscles. Do you think it was so that he did not have those since women did not exist atleast for humans until later on in Genesis.

The human of either sex has the potential to develop either male or female organs, depending on genetic and hormonal influences. The male and female sexual organs develop from neutral embryonic structures. It is rare, but sometimes the 46-XY person does not develop male organs (Swyer syndrome) and sometimes the 46-XX person does not develop female organs (De la Chapelle syndrome).

No, I mean men have nipples because all people born were once female in the womb until the Y chromosome took effect, I’m saying Adam didnt have these because women were created after men and he wasnt born

As we know adam was not born

We don’t know know this, and scientifically it is not plausible. What we hold by faith is that there was an original man and woman who were the first to be endowed with a properly rational soul, being “true men” according to Pius XII in Humani Generis with an intellect and will able to respond to God in freedom.

We are not required to believe that Adam literally appeared after being assembled from dust or anything like that. It is very probable Adam had a father in the order of corporal nature. For that reason, I don’t believe anything prohibits us from thinking that Adam looked like a very hairy man, but a man all the same.

If I speak in error, someone please correct me.


I was responding to: “in the order of gestation”. All else is speculation.

So according to this postulation GOD who created the whole Universe out of nothing could not make Adam with a navel.
Well I must say this god is not good at details right?


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If we assume that Adam lived before any woman, it is plausible that God gave Adam nipples so that Eve and other women could have them too. “Flesh of my flesh” and all that.

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What kind of speech organs did the serpent have in its mouth and throat? How was it able to carry on a conversation in a language – presumably Hebrew – that Eve could understand?


A parallel question is: when Adam cut his first tree down, would he have seen rings on the trunk? And as a scientist, would he then have deduced that the world was much older than it was?


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