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Do we know anything about physical description/features of Jesus, from the canonized or uncanonized gospels, from the apparitions seen by the people accredited by Vatican or not; or from any other sources?


if you count the description of God in Revelation (echoed in Daniel)

and in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man, 12 wearing an ankle-length robe, with a gold sash around his chest.
The hair of his head was as white as white wool or as snow, 13 and his eyes were like a fiery flame.
His feet were like polished brass refined in a furnace, 14 and his voice was like the sound of rushing water.

But probably Jesus just looked like a middle-eastern Jewish male.


That more sounds like an Eastern Poetic piece; not a physical constituents of the face (eyes, nose, etc.; ).

Thanks for your input however.

I dont think there is any reference as to what Jesus looked like.
I cant think of any off the top of my head anyway…

BTW, Mohammad said he met Jesus during his night journey to Jerusalem. He even described how Jesus looked like.

The Prophet of Islam also described the other prophets for his followers: “On the night of my Al-Isra (Journey by Night) (to the heavens), I saw (the prophet) Musa (Moses) who was a thin person with lank hair, looking like one of the men of the tribe of Shanu’a; and I saw Isa (Jesus) who was of average height with red face as if he had just come out of a bathroom. And I resemble Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) more than any of his offspring does. Then I was given two cups, one containing milk and the other wine. Gabriel said, ‘Drink whichever you like.’ I took the milk and drank it. Gabriel said, ‘You have accepted what is natural, (True Religion i.e., Islam) and if you had taken the wine, your followers would have gone astray.’”

Note Mohammad said how he resembled Abraham much more that Abraham’s children.

Of course, Mohammad had Abraham’s gene. He was the descendant of Abraham through Ishmael.

Has anyone thought that the Shroud of Turin gives us a photograph of Jesus. I believe that in contemplating the Holy Face on the Shroud, we do not need any other description of His physical appearance.,

Mohammed is not a credible source.
I do not believe Mohammed was descendant of Ishamael.

1 Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? 2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, And as a root out of dry ground. He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him. 3 He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.

4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. 5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed. 6 All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. 7 He was oppressed and He was afflicted, Yet He opened not His mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, And as a sheep before its shearers is silent, So He opened not His mouth. 8 He was taken from prison and from judgment, And who will declare His generation? For He was cut off from the land of the living; For the transgressions of My people He was stricken. 9 And they F65 made His grave with the wicked-- But with the rich at His death, Because He had done no violence, Nor was any deceit in His mouth.

He looked very much like a Middle Eastern male. More than likely, he was fairly muscular, as he grew up the son of a carpenter and the carrying of the cross would not have been possbile for the slim, slight man that he is often shown to be. I am not saying that he was built like a body-builder, but he wasn’t 5’7 and weight 100 lbs either.

I would also doubt that He had blue eyes and long auburn hair.

And He may very well not have been handsome, as the prophet pointed out. Who needs good looks when you Da Man?:thumbsup:


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Any comment


A hypothetical reconstruction of someone from the same time and place of Jesus, created by forensic artist Richard Neave.

Tim, my husband of 43 years and myself have both had Jesus appear to us this is what, Tim wrote…I agree with Tim, and many others:

With these words there seemed to be a great calm, which came over my being. I gazed at this man dressed in white cloth and red robe. Standing there his hair was the color brown, with splashes of sunlight in it. His eyes were the color of the sea, a blue-green, almost hazel. He was fair complected, and his skin seemed to glow about him, surely this was man of magnificent magnitude, but who, and where did he come from?

I could not seem to break my gaze from his, for it seemed, he was reading my most inner thoughts, beckoning me unto him.

Also the Vatican has a written description:

Jesus is tall and remarkable, Everyone will know it is Him.

If one give Isa. 53 any credence, the “Suffering Servant” wasn’t a very good looking man…“he had no form or comeliness that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him…”

The depictions of Jesus of Nazareth as a good looking, light haried, blue eyed man is fiction.

For the hard life he lived and the time in which he lived…he was probably a short, by today’s standards, skinny, lean muscled, dark skinned, thick wavy to kinky dark haired, hairy man. “He was despised of men…”

That he was an ordinary, not too handome, man, for me anyway, has much more credence than the “pale Christ” or very Westernized version we typically see.

As I said the first time, He probably looked just like other middle-eastern Jewish males of His day. The descriptions of Jesus as a surfer-boy blond with blue eyes is an attempt by people to relate to Him. Oddly, Africans tend to depict Him with black skin. Go figure. I do find it disturbing that some people would go to such lengths to ‘prove’ Jesus looked more European.

I have read accounts of two ancient descriptions of Jesus. One only said he was rather small and homely, the other said he was tall with hair the “color of wine”. Take your pick…Roanoker


I would like your comments on post # 15 by Publisher.

Please don’t mind, it is just a friendly discussion to know the truth and to appreciate it.


I dont believe any apparitions that are not supported by the Vatican.


This image of Jesus does not match with the one reconstrucetd from the Shroud of Turin which has blue eyes,


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