physical immortality....for those who believe in soul sleep…scientist.html

To give a really brief summary of the article… a scientist says we are close to manipulating genes so that we can live basically forever. Now, without debating the likelihood of this actually happening (I personally think he overestimates the technology we have)…what moral implications does this have for non-Catholic groups who believe that we cease being for a period of time in between our physical death and the end of time?
For those of you who believe in soul sleep or a similar theory where we do not face judgment after death…how do you feel about this? As a Catholic…my first reaction is that immortal physical life is wrong because God chooses the hour of death because we may have work to do in heaven (we will become like angels according to scripture, remember). BUT if you believe we are asleep until final judgment anyways…is there anything wrong with prolonging your life until God ends the world? I mean if you believe we have no purpose in heaven until after the end times… what would be wrong with living forever and evangelizing on earth longer?

as a Catholic, I believe that as soon as we die, we are judged according to our life on earth. There is no “sleeping until the end of time”. What you have posted is similar to some people wanting their heads frozen until a cure is discoverd for what they died from. Like you, I believe that when God wants you, he will take you regardless of your age, health, etc.

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