Physically Perfect At Judgement?


Hello everyone,
I have been wondering,at the particular judgment will we be physically perfect or will we have to wait for the final one to be admitted into Heaven (or where ever we end up!)?.What I mean is,if we are bald,lost all our teeth,lost an arm or a leg etc.,will we stand before God as we are or will we have all our complete and perfect bodies?.Will we have all our mental faculties if we have been brain damaged etc.?,I ask this with respect and mean no offence to anyone with these conditions,
Thank you,
God Bless,
P.S.all these questions are regarding the appearance of us at the first judgment.



have to say this is one doctrine I am clinging to with all my might, just have a tiny question
if I will be in a perfect body for all eternity, what happens to the extra 50 lbs?


Maybe it went to the starving children in Ethiopia. (Where the food itself should have gone. LOL)

Good question. I know everybody gets their body back but at what point the saved are glorified unto perfection, I dunno. :confused:


sounds like it would make a good reality TV show


I thought (and good land I’ve been wrong on more than one occasion) that at the final judgement, that is when our soul will be joined with our physical body, that we had on earth, only then our bodies will be perfected. As for the in between, I’m not sure either, while we’re waiting. I guess I thought (probably wrong on this count too) that while we’re waiting for the final judgement we’ll be spiritual beings.


As for the gnashing of teeth by the toothless: “Teeth will be provided !” (Ian Paisley - AFAIK) :slight_smile:


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