Physician-assisted suicide: Opponents fail to gather enough signatures for referendum



This is indeed disheartening, may Life be
respected at the end as well as at the be-

Remember, O gracious Virgin Mary,
that never has it been known that
anyone who has fled to you for pro-
tection, implored your help or sought
your intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, we fly to
you O Virgin of virgins, our Mother.
To you we come, before you we stand,
sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the
Word Incarnate, despise NOT our petition
but in your mercy, hear and answer us!!


How many people supported “physician-assisted suicide”? Seems a few evil people can put forth a horrible piece of legislation then ask for a large number to refute it.


How sad.
Prayer is the best weapon against all this! There is a thread in the *Prayer Intention *forum for overturning this law in California and another for overturning it in Massachusetts. Let’s join in prayer . . . and together, we can do it!


At my brother’s parish in So Cal, there were volunteers available for signatures after mass.

He told me that some parishioners were getting into heated arguments with the volunteers over assisted suicide.


Is there a parish committee that’s spearheading the signature drive? What does the pastor say?


Good questions. I can ask him next time we talk.


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