Pick a thread. Any Thread

And then count the posts until someone insults a person or a religion. I’m guessing you won’t get past #3.

some theads I can count till 100 and no insults are thrown;)

Well, nobody’s perfect here, Valke! HOWEVER. . .as somebody who’s been here a lot longer than you, and thus has had much greater opportunities of reading threads etc. for over 2 1/2 years now, I have to say that your contention is in the majority of cases off the mark. Yes, there are some people who insult–often (not always) newbies, and almost always dealt with by the mods within a very reasonable amount of time. And considering human nature, what someone (not you personally here) takes as an ‘insult’ may not in fact be one. “Your religion stinks” is an insult. “You are wrong on X. . .” may NOT be an insult. As a Catholic, we hold to the idea that truth is absolute, and not relative. Therefore while a person who stated something like, “Catholics worship Mary” might be INSULTED when a poster says, “You are wrong on this”. . .the statement itself is not an insult, merely a statement of fact to us.

However, I do understand that someone who has had the unfortunate experience of seeing threads with insults (even though as I said, with patience those who insult ARE dealt with 99% of the time!) might feel discouraged and disheartened and feel that ALL the people on the forum are insulting. Please take heart–this is not so! Most of us are ordinary people just trying to live our lives as good Christians (or good Jews-:slight_smile: , or other non-Christians), who may make mistakes but seek forgiveness and who certainly strive for justice.

God bless.

This thread proves you wrong!



:smiley: :thumbsup:

I very rarely have a desire to insult any person or religion, but I do have a great desire to promote and defend my own (funnily enough).

Occasionally my blood gets the better of me and I defend by giving a good offence, but usually not too early in the thred at least

Yeah. You have to ignore those for my thread to work :). Maybe I should revise it to read, pick any thread on Islam…

:stuck_out_tongue: that is so odd to hear that from a Jew…sorry Valke2 no insult intended.
I have never heard a Jew say anythign good about Islam…especially in my very Orthodox Jewish town

Yeah. I mean to come back on here immedaitly and insult someone but I got caught up in some other stuff.

I’ll tell you, that I feel compelled to speak up for Islam is, I think, an indication of how unfair I think some of the posts are. If you have ever gone to Jewish chat rooms on Yahoo, you see that they almost always devolve into a cursing match between jews and muslims. So, I’m a bit shell shocked when it comes to one liners meant to belittle a people.

Jewish chat, by the way, makes the worst of this forum look like a tea party. Part of it is the instantaneous communication there with no moderator.

I dont have to go to a chat room to see how certain Jewish people bash etc. Muslims…I can go to any street corner and hear it directly out of their own mouths:(

Oh yeah, I can second that.
Im enlisted in some yahoo jewish groups and it’s ony big propaganda-fest! Mostly not very pro-muslim.

I won’t pretend that pure ad-hominems never get thrown at Muslims here, but it seems the vast majority of it consists of valid questions or debating points that are subsequently labeled “hate” because Muslims do not like having to think about them.

I’m not really blaming anyone. I think it is just a product of the medium. I can’t imagine 1,000 people getting together to talk about religion or politics, and it not resulting in improper improper comments.

Then why even start this thread? More than I see people insulting other people, I see more of people scolding others for being insulting. How is that any better? I think the people who point out the insults are being just as judgemental as those who use them. :rolleyes:

I think the people who are pointing out the people who point out the insults are being just as judgmental as the people who are are pointing out the insults. People who need people to point out insulting people are the luckiest people of all.

The reason I started this thread is that because, while some flaming is inevitable, it doesn’t hurt anyone to be reminded of the importance of respecting other beliefs and other people.

ok but you gotta confess we proved you wrong :smiley: CONFESS!! …we’re way beyond 3 posts and no insults yet :thumbsup:

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