Pick of Destiny

I don’t know why it took me so long to see this movie… LOL.

Anyway, there’s about as much profanity as you’ll ever see in a movie, which is unfortunate… but did anyone else get a kick out of the “Beelzeboss” scene which is basically just “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in metal style? :smiley:

I love to see Jack Black in movies. But, alas, he seems to be far away from God. I don’t even mean whether he is a Christian or Catholic or not. I’ve heard he might have been raised Jewish. I think he has at least one Jewish parent. But he is not a practicing Jewish person, I’m pretty sure of that. So, all in all, I feel that his influence on his fans is negative. Still, I acknowledge his talent, and enjoy some of his performances. I imagine him to be person who is tilting towards the direction of God, but through influences such as heavy metal rock and drug use and fellow rockers and drug uses, I suspect he is in significant darkness. Just a guess. I don’t know the guy. I wish him well. I wish all of us well.

There’s nothing wrong with a particular style of music. Songs/artists need to be judged on their own away from the genre as a whole. Since there are a lot of good heavy metal and rock bands that are neutral, or even praise God.

With that said, I didn’t like Pick of Destiny because they trivialize Satan. (Oh we don’t need Jesus, we’ll just play a song) Also his horn granting magical powers. I don’t care what kind of super powers I get, if it involves Satan or demons leave me out of it!

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