Picking a papal name


what name would you pick if you were elected pope? please use this format

  1. already existing papal name you would pick,
  2. if you were going to pick a brand new papal name, list it here.


  1. Leo XIV (I love the analogy of the Holy Father being a lion defending the faith.)
  2. Maximilian (My confirmation saint)


Pope Peter II

(16 Characters)


no 2nd option? interesting…


And immediately, all the New Age people would start freaking out thinking the world would be coming to an end since a Pope took the name of “Peter”.


trying to fufill the Prophecy of the Popes… i see


Pius or Innocent


how about you? whats your name?


Existing name would be Clement VIII. Two reasons for that. My Mom had a miscarriage and we named the unborn baby Clement. Props to the unborn with the name. Second reason would be because I just like the name. :sunglasses:

A new name…hmmm…
I suppose I would go with Sebastian. My confirmation saint.


thanks for following the format! :grinning::grinning::ok_hand:
those are both cool names

  1. Pope Gregory XVII
  2. Pope Thomas (Aquinas)

P.S., Maximilian is my confirmation name too!


Existing - Sixtus - mostly because it sounds cool

New - Thomas - because I doubt that I would do a good job.


Hm, I guess “Pope Bear” probably isn’t on the table, though the cartoonists and children’s book writers would have a field day with it. Pope Ursus or Ursula? I believe there are saints of those names.

If I had to pick an existing one, I too would be Pope Leo XIV. I have started to develop an admiration for Pope Leo XIII and feel he is a bit of a forgotten Pope when he shouldn’t be.

If I could pick a new one and I couldn’t be Pope Bear, I’d be Pope Michael, and fight evil.


There’s an antipope in Kansas named Pope Michael…


although its a shame he is an antipope, its quite funny,… he has 1 seminarian(the heir apparent) , 30 followers… kinda nutty if you ask me.


Two of them are his parents. LOL.


Pope John XXIII didn’t let the antipope of the same name and number stop him.

Or I could be Pope Teresa, or Pope Michael Teresa


i like the sound of Michael Theresa… the strength and millitarism of St Michael the Archangel and the mercy and love of Mother Theresa


I’m sorry but this in itself is hilarious right there…kind of sounds like something out of the Wizard of Oz books…Dorothy and Toto go to meet the Antipope of Kansas, he looks sort of like the papal version of the Wicked Witch of the West


you get at least three awesome saints named Teresa/ Therese/ Theresa in there


Oh I agree. I was just pointing out a quirky factoid.

That’s interesting that you’d choose a women’s name. I was pondering that too and I might have taken Catherine of Siena as a papal name.

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