Picking a papal name

  1. Zachary.
  2. Matthew.


Pope Hilarius II. The first Hilarius was pope from 461-468. I would bring much needed humor to the Vatican.

I also like Pope Gabriel. It’s got both the saint thing going on and the archangel thing. RC popes have never taken archangel names, but Eastern Rite popes have.


and your “Invent your own papal name”?



St. Teresa of Avila
St. Teresa of Calcutta
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)


There’s a fifth one also, a sister from South America.


Pope Claudius, because it sounds cool. Really brings to light the Latin rite’s Roman history


Pope Xavier III.
I don’t think there are two others, but I like St Francis Xavier and I would focus mainly on bringing the faith all over the world and making sure we understand it better.

Please note: this comment does not serve as a promise of truth if at any point the poster of this comment becomes the pope.


Then… just pope xavier… :slight_smile:


But “the Third” part sounds better, probably at some point the numbers after the papal names were not always in order.


Pope Sergius V


Pope Augustine


Pope Pio or Pius


What, nobody chose “Pope Ralph”? :grinning:

Interesting trivia tidbit: Pope St. John Paul II originally intended to choose “Stanislaus” as his papal name, but was talked out of it. So, we almost had a “Pope Stosh”!

Anyway, back to the game.

Paul for existing papal name; Vincent or Albert for new name.


already existing papal name: Pius

brand new name: George


already existing name: Anacletus

brand new name: Florian


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