Picking your brain


We are working on a design for a little bag promoting adoration @ St. Anne’s Chapel.
We were thinking of using “I :heart: spending time with Jesus”
or other possibilities.
Does the “I :heart: …” strike you as too feminine?
Do you have any other ideas?
Thank you very much!


Who’s going to be carrying the bag?
If it’s a tote bag, it will mostly be carried by ladies and thus the I :heart: should work fine.

If it’s more like a unisex bag, then maybe you want something different.


If you want a slogan for guys, how about, “Wise Men Adore Jesus” or some variation on the “Keep watch with me” theme.


Great idea - thanks!


Speaking as a guy, I think the “I :heart:…” would probably not work for a lot of guys.

I love the “Wise Men Adore Jesus” idea! I’m even picturing a little silhouette of the three wise men kneeling before the manger. That might be a bit too “Christmasy” of a picture, though.


I’m a guy and I never thought of “I :heart:” as being feminine…

… but it might be wise to ask a few more guys what they think.


Maybe 3 wise men kneeling before the
I like the Keep Watch With Me theme too.


For something unisex and more reverent, I like the idea of the the wise men kneeling before the Eucharist.

A picture of Christ in the Garden with “Keep Watch with Me” would be my favorite.

For ladies, they’d probably like the “I :heart: being with Jesus” or something similar.

“True Men Watch with Jesus” for guys, with a picture of the Eucharist

“Going to the Garden” with a chapel image or Christ in the Garden…

“I Come to the Garden Alone”

So many different ideas!


Maybe have something to do with Jesus’ comment about keeping watch with Him for an hour. Personally, that’s one of the reasons I started doing Adoration for an hour a week.

Edit: That said, I’m not sure “I :heart:…” to be too feminine for men, but I might be remembering when “I :heart: NY” was everywhere.

How can it be unisex when it is three wise MEN!


Aaaah, that makes my eyes twitch. Seizure!! :scream:


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