Pics of cars, boats and things that move you


Yes I remember grumbling about how EXPENSIVE gasoline had gotten.


That’s getting closer. Remember when they introduced “Gulftane”? For a long time, Good Gulf was the cheaper stuff.


Reminds me of Philippe Petit when he crossed the Twin Towers in 1974. I love that picture of him. This one here is amazing also. Peace be with you


work of art



leather art


That is impressive.

Good workmanship.


anyone have a tree like this?


(vintage everyday)


That’s a retro living room.m

Oooh, I just saw the casserole dishes at the bottom of the tree.

As a child I had toy versions of those.


My mom had that white Corningware teapot with the blue flowers.


One of my favorite movies is “Shane,” starring Alan Ladd from 1953. Here’s a replica of the gun belt he wore in that film.



i guess they did have everything


For when they ban semi autos



Cloud flow



There’s nothing like an Irish breakfast.

Of course, if you eat that every morning, you’re headed for trouble…


who wants to shovel the roof?


metal art



a small sub



ready for bear


is that a Marlin .45-70?

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