Picture of Altar of Repose I have prepared in my Parish


Dear Friends,

              Today I have prepared the Altar of Repose in my Parish Chapel for tonight's Mass of the Lord's Supper, our parish sister is sick and I am the Pastoral Assistant, therefore, it fell to me!  I hope you like it, we have a small chapel so it is not a huge creation like many parishes erect- it is small and fairly simple but I think it is very beautiful...and not just because I set it up myself.  Not bad for a man eh?


For those of you who are Liturgically aware…the Purple cover on the Missal Stand and little bit showing through from the Lectern have been changed to white- however I set up this Altar before changing the colours!


Not bad. Not bad at all. :thumbsup:

And drop the “for a man.” Our pastor sets ours up every year. And he is, for sure, a man.


It looks absolutely lovely.


You know, it made want to cry, it looks like a lot of love went into it’s preparation. :slight_smile:


My paish use the martyrs chapel


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