Picture of Mary hanging the laundry



Could anyone point me to where I can find a picture of the Virgin Mary hanging the laundry? It is a beautiful picture where she has Jesus playing at her feet while she’s working.

Thank you!


I love that picture too…always seemed perfect for a nursery. :slight_smile: It’s called the Polish Madonna.




oops- someone beat me to it!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you! It is beautiful :slight_smile:


That is just so lovely!!! Seeing his sweet little bum on the ground is just adorable, and so humbling.

That would be wonderful for a nursery!! :thumbsup:



…or a laundry room, to remind us that even Mary had to do boring household chores. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

It is beautiful though, thanks for sharing it – I think I’m going to order one! :smiley:

Edited to add: what is Jesus holding? It looks like a cross - it’s probably just a stick or something, but I can’t tell.


I think it is a cross.

I love the idea of having this in a laundry room! Note to self: remember this print if we can ever sell our house and get into a house with the laundry area out of the basement!!! :smiley:



This is a really beautiful picture. We sell it in our stores. I love it because it shows Our Lady in every day life. God BLess.


Amanda Beltran uploaded this image to
Definately a cross.

I love this picture btw… I’ve never seen this before.


Mary did laundary? You mean she didn’t make St. Joseph do it;) ? Didn’t she hire a nanny for that type of stuff?


I have this picture hanging in my little dungeon of a laundry room too! It actually makes me feel better about having to do laundry, at least I don’t have to hand wash everything like so many other generations before us had to do! Does anyone know of a picture of Mary cooking dinner or scrubbing a bathtub…I might feel better about those chores as well!!:stuck_out_tongue:


I know this is really old. But does anyone know who the artist is?


I’ve tried to find the artist over the years a few times and always come up empty.


She’s looking at Him, but He is looking at the cross, taking it. Wow.


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