PICTURED: Hillary Clinton dining with Harvey Weinstein after her loss


Cozy picture of Hillary, Bill and Harvey.
He probably wishes now he had some of that money back he donated.
Maybe Hillary is talking to him about the book she plans to write.


The Clintons certainly associated with some reprehensible people. Weinstein isn’t the only one. There’s Jeffrey Epstein, who I think you’ll agree is at least as sleazy as Weinstein.

Hey, here’s something, just for perspective – a picture of Donald Trump appearing in a soft-core porn flick. Don’t worry, the picture itself is pretty inoffensive.


He was in three of them.

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


i would love to see a picture of Bill on
“the island” with Jeffrey Epstein. more
than likely he donated to Hillary’s campaign as well.


I don’t have one. But here’s a pic of Donald Trump and his buddy Jeffrey Epstein. Will that do?



Trump knows many people - he was famous before he became president.

Have you seen Hillary in her mumu at Ozyfest talking about her favorite subject -
the Russians?


No, because I don’t really care what Hillary Clinton is up to these days.


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