Pictures and names of saints on my medallions


Good day. I ask you for a favor. I am a specialist in the jewelry enamel. I produce mainly religious enamelled medallions. I know that the pictures of the patron saints may be different. In some countries may have one patron slightly different appearance than here in the center of Europe. If you are more experienced you could look at my site and check appearance and names of the patrons I would be very grateful and thankful for your help. If there is some bug in their look or in the name of the patron saint due translation, please contact me. Welcome any your comments here or on my mail address that can be found in contacts: God bless you!


Those are very pretty.

The medals that you’ve labeled “Madonna and Child” I believe are actually called “Our Lady of the Streets”. They’re based upon a popular painting rather than a Marian apparition. If you just google Our Lady of the Streets you’ll see it’s the same image.


Thank you creole54 very much. That is the case. I am going to fix it :wink:


It’s fixed. I changed the name to Our Lady of the Streets as well as Madonna of the Streets. It’s because of search engines. I should not have the same name for different products…
I am very happy that I dared to write my supplication here. Thank you again.


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