Pictures from Phoenix - Mater Misericordiae Mission (FSSP)

New photos have been uploaded to the Mission website.

The photo on the home page is from Easter 2007.
See the “Photo Gallery” for more photos from the Easter Season and First Communion.

You might also be interested in the “Notitiae” page - lots of interesting info. there.

Congratulations on your work in Phoenix. I know for a long time it was difficult in reintroducing the TLM there. All my best to see it flourish there.

Thanks for the link. My husband and I moved from Phoenix last summer, but we sometimes attended the Tridentine Mass when we lived there. It is good to see that the parish has built such a robust schedule. God bless you all!

Hey that’s where I go! (St. Thomas TLM)

I never knew there was a website dedicated to TLM’s in Phoenix though.

I go there, too. Do you read the Notitiae every week? The website’s on the front cover.

I go there as well. I often post pics up on my blog.

Beautiful pictures.

I notice there is a deacon and subdeacon present. Aren’t these, in essence, seminarians in line for the priesthood? I know, I know, they’re ordained, so they aren’t technically seminarians, but why aren’t they up in Denton, Nebraska studying? Or is this like the pastoral year that diocesan transitional deacons go through? They are going through OJT.

During Holy Week (which is when the picture was taken) many of the seminarians go to the FSSP parishes to assist.

The Deacon in the picture, was at our parish since June til the first week in May, to receive some pastoral preparation for his ordination to the priesthood on May 12th.

If the Moderators will allow me to digress a tad…

Are there regular deacons at FSSP parishes?

Do you mean permanent Deacons?

If that is what you mean, then that is a little more complex. I do know of one FSSP parish which has two permanent Deacons, it is the FSSP parish in Mableton, Georgia.

I believe that what happened, was that the two Deacons were already ordained and were in active ministry at a Novus Ordo parish when the FSSP parish was established, the Deacons then asked for permission from the Bishop and the FSSP to transfer to the FSSP parish and be in ministry there, they were allowed to do so.

With that said, I do not believe the FSSP offer formation for the permanent diaconate.

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